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Bio information for Tony Hardy extracted from the IKI Instructors page for South Africa, for full information click here.

Below: Tony Hardy with Moshe Katz
Tony Hardy with International Head Instructor Moshe Katz

“I began Martial Arts training in 1988; after achieving a 2nd Dan in GoJu Ryu Karate, I dabbled in full contact Karate looking to test my skills before starting Kickboxing where I obtained a Black Belt as well. Although I competed successfully for a number of years in Karate, Kickboxing and full contact Karate, my emphasis was more on the traditional elements of the styles.

Taught Karate for over 6 years where my passion for sharing this knowledge was born.

Other Martial Arts I have been exposed to include Kendo, Wing Chun and Ju-Jitsu.

Working in the security industry for 5 years I had many opportunities to combat test techniques, identifying those that work from those that are less than effective or only effective in certain situations… I soon discovered that a large percentage of traditional techniques aren’t practical.I was also frustrated by the amount of time required to convey skills to students looking for an expedient solution to self preservation needs…

I believe that ongoing development and improvement is essential in an environment that is constantly changing and adapting… for me… this is the space filled by Krav Maga”


Contact Combat Academy is a proud member of Israeli Krav International (IKI).

Our International Head Instructor is Moshe Katz who joins us in South Africa annually to provide the latest updates to the IKI system and share his knowledge and experience with us.